Jobseekers allowance

British allocation f (de) chômage

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  • Jobseeker's Allowance — (JSA) is a United Kingdom benefit, colloquially known as the dole (or, in Northern Ireland Scotland, as broo).[1] It is a form of unemployment benefit paid by the government to people who are unemployed and seeking work. It is part of the social… …   Wikipedia

  • Jobseeker's Allowance — Jobseeker’s Allowance UK [ˈdʒɒbsiːkə(r)z əˌlaʊəns] US [ˈdʒɑbˌsikərz əˌlaʊəns] noun [uncountable] money that is paid by the UK government to people without jobs, while they are looking for a new job… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Jobseeker's Allowance — noun A means tested government benefit available to jobseekers …   Wiktionary

  • Пособие по безработице — JOBSEEKERS ALLOWANCE Новое название пособия по безработице (см. Unemployment benefit), принятое в Великобритании в 1996 г. Подразумевалось, что изменение названия (пособие для тех, кто ищет работу) послужит стимулом для безработных к более… …   Словарь-справочник по экономике

  • Unemployment benefits — are payments made by governments to unemployed people. It may be based on a compulsory para governmental insurance system. Depending on the jurisdiction and the status of the person, those sums may be meager, covering only basic needs (thus a… …   Wikipedia

  • Jobcentre Plus — ( cy. Canolfan Byd Gwaith) is the government funded employment agency facility and the social security office for working age people in the United Kingdom. The agency was formed when the Employment Service, which operated Jobcentres and existed… …   Wikipedia

  • Housing Benefit — is a means tested social security benefit in the UK that is intended to help meet Housing costs for rented accommodation. The primary legislation governing Housing Benefit is the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992.[1]… …   Wikipedia

  • Estado del bienestar inglés — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Para concepto general, véase Estado del bienestar. Se denomina Estado de bienestar ingles la variante inglesa del Estado del Bienestar de economía mixta que se encuentra en muchos países del Primer Mundo. Sistemas… …   Wikipedia Español

  • National Insurance — Taxation in the United Kingdom This article is part of the series: Politics and government of the United Kingdom Central government HM Treasury HM Revenue and Customs Income tax …   Wikipedia

  • Economy of the Republic of Ireland — The economy of the Republic of Ireland is modern and trade dependent with growth averaging a 7% per annum in 1995 ndash;2007. Agriculture, once the most important sector, is now dwarfed by industry, which accounts for 46% of GDP, about 80% of… …   Wikipedia

  • Child Support Agency — This article is about The Child Support Agency in the United Kingdom. For the Child Support Agency in Australia, see Child Support Agency (Australia). The Child Support Agency (or CSA) is a delivery arm of the Child Maintenance and Enforcement… …   Wikipedia

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